Cross Country pre-season and back to school practice schedule

Aug 01


 —-> This is all subject to changes as we move forward <—-


*Training schedule (week #1 of 3 consecutive weeks) moves to Monday, July 20 and ends on Saturday, August 8


*Phase One team pods start on Monday August 10 to Saturday August 22- paperwork, questionnaire, testing, attendance.

On Saturday, August 22nd, we will have all 3 pods meet (social distancing) for a combined team meeting at the home football bleachers at 10am.


*Full team practice will begin on Monday August 24


*From Sunday, August 30 until Sunday, September 13 there will be virtual practice only. This means we will e mail you workouts for this 2 week period of time. There will be no team (group) practice.


*Regular afternoon practice will begin starting Monday, September 14  (the time to be announced) 


*First meet of the Cross-Country Season will be Saturday, October 1


The team competition schedule

This is in the process of being developed. Everything has changed. The important thing is that we put together the most comprehensive schedule possible to have you all involved. Check on the team site to see the schedule as I get official dates in place.

There will be no NJIC tri/quad meets this year. I will try to see if we get any gaps in the season and maybe we put together a small meet like we did last year with Harrison & Weehawken.

Races may also be run in waves this year – this was explained to you at the meeting, Race1 #1,2,3 / Wave2  #4,5 / Wave 3 #6, and 7.

Times (up to .001 of a second) combined and scored by computer.

Don’t worry if you do not understand all of this. We will go through each step at a time as the season progresses

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