A small back pack or small athletic bag (for away practices and meets)Now stuff the bag with some important items (you may also have your own selection of needs:


Icy Hot and/or Ben Gay (for tight and sore muscle relief)

A small towel or wash cloth i(n the event of rain or mud – to wipe off)

An extra T-shirt and socks (in the event you are wet and want to change)

A small amount of cash in case we stop somewhere after practice or a meet. Also, many meets have refreshments and may possibly be selling shirts.

Small roller and/or stretch cord for pre and post run

Bottle of water or Gatorade

A small snack like a banana or protein recovery-bar

Extra pair of shoe laces (in case you snap yours prior to a practice or race)

Sun screen


Don’t forget (if you use these): knee brace, T-Bands, ankle brace, compression socks

Your phone

And of course….your head phones


Things not to bring under any circumstance:

Large amount of cash or a wallet filled with ATM and credit cards

Expensive or sentimental jewelry

*If necessary, give these items to the bus driver or a member of the coaching staff to hold for you.