Running in the summer can make training really hard.  

It is that time of year – August is coming; the temperatures are high and there is a very short window early in the morning before the heat soars. This can make running somewhat difficult, as the sun beaming down on your head and the heat waves wiggling on the asphalt; make you feel like an egg on a frying pan.

Run early in the morning or late at night

If possible, try to run/workout before the sun fully rises in the morning, or later in the evening as the sun is setting, to avoid the sun beating down on your head. Always be safe in the evening!

If you have a long run, be sure to start early so you only have a short amount of time in the heat.


Run in the shade and avoid asphalt running in summer

If you must run/workout in the heat, it is best to go in covered areas as much as possible to limit the heat from the sun raising your body temperature even higher. Areas with tall trees are the best places to run in summer, as the trees block the sun, and therefore the heat, which will make it much more comfortable. Secaucus does not have big parks with this type of setting, so make the best of what’s out there. If you go away on vacation – there are possibilities you can find shadier spots to run. 

Another big tip: Avoid running on black top surfaces where possible. We do have measured town courses, but I try to keep you off them until the daily temperatures go down.

When the sun is out, asphalt and other black surfaces will reflect the heat back up, making it even hotter. Try to stay on lighter colored surfaces, or grass as much as possible. This is also a great opportunity to give your body a break from the pounding of hard surfaces.


What accessories make running in the summer bearable?

Wear a hat to keep the sun off your face, again keeping you cooler, and providing a psychological boost. Your option.

It is also important to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses often. Especially when it is a clear day and there are plenty of reflective surfaces around the city/town. – again, your option, but a strong suggestion


What should I wear to run in the summer?

Try to select loose fitting, sweat wicking fabrics, that will pull the sweat from your body and onto the material.  Make sure your clothing is light colored to reflect the sun. Dark clothing absorbs heat. This will keep your body temperature down as it helps the effectiveness of sweating for cooling your body down. Some people also believe it is better to wear a T-shirt in warm weather to take the sweat off your skin as it cannot evaporate fast enough.


Warm up /warm down

Your muscles will warm up much faster as the temperature rises, which may reduce the amount of time you want to spend running beforehand to prevent overheating.

A warm up is still important for waking up your muscles before a workout. Don’t let the heat fool you into thinking you are “warmed up.”

*Warm ups will continue to be an 800 (or a time equivalent) and a mile warm down  (or a time equivalent)


Place ice cubes/cooling packs on your wrists and the back of your neck when you get home:

This helps to lower your body temperature prior to a race/workout. This is only temporary, but can relieve some of the psychological stress heat brings. This works!

Rehydrate rehydrate, rehydrate

This is THE MOST important of all.

You will sweat a lot more in the summer, and will need to replenish that water as soon as possible.

On hot days you will also have to replenish your electrolytes.  Sports drinks like Gatorade will do this.