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Yes creatures, I have given in to your whining and ordered awards for a JA Invitational.
I will need those not participating and those in the opposite event to assist Claire with the running of the two races and judging. We also need someone to take some team pictures for our website folder!
I will be going with Rohan to take all the freshman to the Doc Braver Invitational that day.
B/G 100 meter dash: Boys top 3 awards; Girls 1st place  
Boys entrants: Bad Mo, Jonathan, Sebastian, Brandon, Zarrar, Younes
Girls entrants: Trinity, Ashley, Haley
B/G 400 meter dash: Boys top 3 awards; Girls 1st place 
Boys entrants: Kyle, Good Mo, Dan, Vishwa, Iverson, Harry, Nick (start on curved starting line w/girls)
Girls entrants: Carm, Sarah
**You are to run the race that has been determined for you – no complaining. If you don’t wish to participate, this is fine. 
*Must be in full costume. Then change and get ready for a light team distance run. Remember we have County Meet on Saturday.  Everyone to get a uptempo 5k run in after a stretch.