Mystery Picture

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Who is it in there? Stan Fryczynski (2nd from left)

Where? Cornwall, NY

What year? 1970

School??  New York Military Academy (home team)

Some added history: Vs. Trinity Pawling (visitors). The rules about uniforms and jewelry were different back then (as Samantha noted), and my coach didn’t care what you wore, so long as you busted your tail. So as you can see, I even wore a hat back then – lol.

Our course (2.5 miles) was entirely in the woods until we finished on the track.

This happened to be one of my 7 victories for NYMA  in my senior season of cross country. One of my old teammates, who now lives in Minnesota, found this picture in his file cabinet and sent it to me a few weeks back. We actually met each other for breakfast on April 1st. We hadn’t seen each other in 39 years.

So, I thought I would share that slice of my past with you, as I enjoyed thinking back about it. The amazing thing about cross-country is that you remember everything. I can still name all of my teammates in that picture and remember that race like I ran it yesterday! (I wish)

The person who kept trying the most and hardest was Aman, so the free T-Shirt award goes to him for persistence!