The Significance of Sneakers in High School Running


Hey Patriots! Let’s talk about the importance of sneakers in your running journey. Here’s why they matter:


  1. Performance Boost: Running-specific sneakers offer cushioning, support, and stability, improving your performance by reducing fatigue and enhancing comfort.
  2. Injury Prevention: Quality running shoes with proper arch support and cushioning help prevent common running injuries like shin splints and stress fractures.
  3. Confidence Builder: Stylish and functional running shoes not only add flair to your attire but also boost your self-assurance, setting you up for success.
  4. Personalized Fit: Finding the right pair ensures comfort, minimizes discomfort, blisters, and chafing, and enhances your unique running style.
  5. Go to running shoe stores like: Feet Fleet, Jack Rabbit, Dicks Sporting Goods, etc.
  6. Ask the staff to help you with running sneaks for cross country and road running.
  7. Get a feet analysis. They do it at the store for free. They will help you identify pronation, arch, and will help you with shoe selection.
  8. If you want to buy the shoes there, go ahead. But take note of brands, sizes, and shoe models.
  9. Go ONLINE and shop! You can get better prices!

  10. Longevity and Value: Investing in durable running shoes may have a higher initial cost, but they last longer, saving you money in the long run.


Don’t underestimate the importance of sneakers in high school running. They enhance performance, prevent injuries, boost confidence, provide a personalized fit, and offer long-term value. So, take your time, make an informed choice, and let your sneakers be your ultimate running companion!


 Affordable Tips for High School Runners’ Shoes

Here are quick tips to find affordable running shoes without compromising quality:

  1. Sales and Discounts: Look for seasonal sales, clearance offers, and special promotions.
  2. Last Season’s Models: Consider the previous year’s shoes, as they perform similarly to the latest versions.
  3. Outlet Stores: Check out outlet stores for discounted athletic footwear.
  4. Online Shopping and Comparison: Compare prices online to find the best deals.
  5. Take Care of Your Shoes: Maintain them well by rotating pairs and keeping them clean and dry.


Remember, prioritize comfort and fit while being budget-conscious. Happy running!


The following are some links that sell running shoes and you can get great prices:

  • As of 06/09/23 they have specials going on for Brooks (Levitate, Ghost, Adrenaline, Revel); Asics (Noosa, Nimbus, Cumulus); Saucony (Ride 14).

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  • As 06/09/23 they have a wide variety of brands available and sales!


  • You can find anything on here, you just have to take the time and look!

.And remember, your running shoes are your single most important equipment need.


(Thanks to Coach Kathy for putting this post together for you.)