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Components of a Proper Cross Country Warm-up

*FIRST: Minimum of 800 jog or 5-6 minutes to break a light sweat and warm up inside of your body. No stretching until you take a warm up jog.

  • Glut stretch
  • Hurdle stretch each side
  • Cherry pickers
  • Push against the wall
  • Leg crossovers
  • Shoulder/arm rolls
  • 20 bent-knee sit-ups.
  • 20 abdominal crunches.
  • 20 jumping jacks.
  • 20 mountain climbers
  • push ups
  • and any other drills that your are comfortable with and aid in your personal requirements

These are going to be worked into our sessions/ get acclimated with them now:

Active with jog between (this sequence)

  • 30 meters of walking lunges.
  • 40 meters of bent-leg (regular) bounding.
  • 40 meters of power skipping.
  • 30 meters of skipping for height
  • 40 meters side-slide on both sides
  • 40 meters of carioca on both sides
  • 40 meters of backward thrust running
  • 40 meters all out sprint

If you are unfamiliar with these drills or terminology they are easily found online.