Sometimes we have the best intentions to run, but something gets in the way. Often it’s our busy schedules or the weather that’s the culprit; while other times it’s just that we can’t muster the motivation to get out there. Here are some of the most popular excuses for not running — and how to make sure you don’t fall victim to them.


1. “I Don’t Have Time to Run.”

Lack of time is one of the most popular excuses for skipping runs. But squeezing in your workouts may not be as impossible as you think. Instead of watching TV for 30 minutes, put on your running shoes and get moving. Or, divide the workout up between the morning and evening — your body still gets mostly the same benefits.


2. “I’m Too Tired to Run”

When you’re feeling sluggish, it’s hard to get motivated to get up off the couch and out the door. But going for a run will energize you and make you feel better. You may be tired because you have low blood sugar, so eat a snack or light meal at least an hour before running. If you find yourself feeling really tired as you start your run, start off with a slow jog and then pick it up slowly.


3. “I Get Bored Easily.”

It’s easy to get stuck in a running rut. We get comfortable running the same routes or it’s easier to just jump on the treadmill. Shake up your running routine by mapping out some new routes of your own.


4. “I’m Just Not Motivated to Run.”

All runners go through some periods when they’re lacking motivation. One smart way to get inspired to keep running is to form your own running group with other teammates or friends who are working out to prepare for thier upcoming season. When you know other people are counting on you to be at a workout, you’re more likely to show up. And the social interaction and competition that comes with group training also helps to boost your motivation.


5. “It’s Too Hot Outside.”

“There’s no such thing as bad weather — just bad clothes.” In other words, if you’re dressed properly and prepared to deal with less-than-ideal running weather, you can still go for a run — and actually enjoy it. Wear light colored clothes. Dark clothes absork more heat. Run in the morning or later in the day when the sun is setting. HYDRATE before, during, and after your run.


6. “I’m Too Self-Conscious to Run in Public”

Feeling embarrassed about running in public is a common reason why people don’t get started or continue with running. Try not to worry about what others think! You should be proud of yourself for getting out there and doing something so healthy. Runners actually love seeing others out on the roads or trails. Also, remember that everyone started as a new runner at some point, so they can relate to the struggles that beginners face. You can also try running with a buddy — that may help you feel less self-conscious.


7. “I’m Away On Vacation”

One of the poorest excuses, actually. Why? Because you can almost anywhere you are! You don’t need a course, a track, or even a trail. Just run for a set amount of time and make sure you are running in a safe area for your workouts.


8. “I Have A Summer Job”

Yes, many high school and collegiate athletes have summer jobs. If you want to succeed, you simply have to practice good time management and dedication. When you are in school, you still go to practice or competition. This is no different. Map out each day to make it work.


9. “It’s OK To Skip A Day”

This excuse is one that spells the beginning of the end for most new runners (or even some experienced ones). Once you have assured yourself that it is ok to mis a day, you then start to miss one here and another one there. It becomes very easy to fall into this lack of self-discipline.