In a most recent book I read by Coach Pat Tyson, he made some wonderful statements regarding this sport of ours. It made me go back and it write them down to share with you.

I think this you should all read this a few times before we  enter Cross Country 2014:

   “My philosophy is based on building a rich tradition of excellence. The formula for what it take to be a champion is almost too easy: hard work, consistent work, running every day.

My coaches told me, you have got to love to run. And then from there I learned how to train smart. I’ve learned how a collection of workouts can move runners towards their best performances.

Cross-Country doesn’t scream for attention the way other sports do, and it’s always been that way. Long-distance running is a deeply personal experience. It asks each person for effort, commitment, and determination. And the rewards are NOT free! Each runner has to hurt sometimes in order to get ahead. Cross Country is a team sport which success is measured by the collective willingness to hurt for one another, to push one another, and to become something larger.” -Pat Tyson