#1) In Cross Country, everyone gets to participate, even if they are only running in jv or freshman races. Most other sports have cuts.


#2) Cross Country practices typically will not last as long as basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, or football.  You do your stretching, work out, warm down – HEAD HOME by 5:00pm


#3 )It will help athletes get in shape for the the winter sports season, whether it be Indoor T&F, wrestling, basketball, or swimming.


#4) Everyone should observe athletes in school that are on other sports that look like they could become runners, and get them to come out. THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT RECRUITING TOOL You would be surprised how many basketball players, wrestlers, and swimmers can be very good runners. OR – Maybe even an athlete no longer interested in their fall sport and looking for a change.


#5) Very Important: Do you have brothers or sisters in the Middle School? Maybe your friends do? Get them interested and out for the team………They will be the future of your team.


OK, 6 ways -lol

#6) It is fun and we are one very big family.