Staying hydrated during your training

* As a runner, you will need approximately 12-14 cups (96- 112 oz) or more water a day, and more on hot days.
* If urination is clear, you are hydrated, perhaps overly-so. A lightly yellow color is typically ideal.
* Keep a water bottle with you through the day and use it. Drink water throughout the day.. a cup or so every hour is fine. Sports drinks are okay, but are best saved for the an hour /two hours before and after a workout.. otherwise the sugars can catch up to you.

Many of you do not do this and should:

  • Have 20-32 ounces of a sports drink (or at least water) available when you are finished with any workout. It is very important to get the fluids, carbs and electrolytes replaced as soon as possible as it is critical to get it in during your
    critical 0-60 minute “post-workout window.”