We need to get this important information out there so we have no issues !!
The State sectional Championships is Saturday, November 6th – so is one of the SAT testing dates.
If you know you are potentially one of the members of the team that could be on the State Sectional varsity squad, you need to make certain NOT to register for the test on that date. We do not want you or the team to suffer because of any mistakes here on this date.
I always leave the Oct 2nd date open for all juniors and senior to take the test. If you are taking the test on this date, you will be off for the weekend. Any meet we go to that day would really be for the younger members of the team anyway.
Testing dates that I am strongly recommending to you are:
Saturday, Oct 2nd – the registration deadline is September 3rd
Saturday, December 4th – the registration deadline is November 14th