NJIC Divisional Championships

Garret Mt Reservation

Tuesday, 10-9-18

Congratulations in order to Dan and Sebastian for medaling and finishing in the top 10 in their race. Congrats to the boys team on their silver medals and 7-1 divisional record. We did all we can do this season and that is certainly all coach can ask!

Special Mention also to Zarrar on his medal in the JV race. He finished 8th in a field of 83 runners.

Another nice statistic is that if the JV boys race was scored, you would have finished in 2nd place. I have said all along that our second line up can compete against many other teams. This race was another example of that.

Girls placed 5th and regular season of 5-4. Top Girl for Patriots was Alexandra – 16th.

Also good to see Carmelina back and placing 17th in the JV girls race !


Result link:

NJIC Divisional Championship Results