*School record broken again by Roshni for the Garrett Mountain Course! A fantastic run by Mehek for a PR 21:34  on this course. Sam looked wonderful despite missing 8 practices in the last 2 weeks because of being ill. But the story does not end here as Twig, Juliet, Victoria, Emma, and Kat all made significant contributions to today’s victory. This was an important win for you ladies and I could see the competitive spirit in your eyes before and during the race. Let’s continue to stay focused, practice hard, no excuses, and go one race at a time.

A solid win for Sondy in 17:36. Despite another close loss, we still have a team that is improving with every step. Don’t give up gentlemen because I am not giving up on you. We will make a difference as the season progresses. A big special mention to Ming ……24:07 last week at Garrett and a 21:30 this week.