After you take a break from the outdoor season (no matter what sport you participated in), I have always emphasized to give your body a break from running. No exceptions – everyone needs a break !

There are two important things that every runner on our team will begin learning and implementing as soon as possible:


#1) We are going to place a lot of importance on is core strength training for the 6 weeks (June 1 to July 15) leading up to when pre-season running all begin.  Please click this link below to learn and DO these training exercises.


The following valuable information on core strength training was provided by Runners World Magazine:

Click on this link:

Core Strength training


#2) We will be doing 5 minute planks all summer. No exceptions. These have always been a part of our summer training. 

                                                          Click on this link:

Diagram of 5 minute plank training program