This work out “5 Minute xc Planks” will  be included in your summer training plan. This is for everyone. We have been doing this as part of our traditional training for years.  

We will alternate 5 Minute Planks with Resistance Training.

A typical week will have you alternating 5MP, RT, 5MP, RT

This diagram AND link (below for the girls) are excellent, you should have no issue understanding it. These make a difference – this is important core training. Not all cross country is running. It is about building your body parts to strengthen and also to avoid injury.

This diagram refers to what we (team and coaches) call ” 5 minute planks.” 



IN ADDITION, the girls are to incorporate these into their training- you can and should alternate these with the 5 minute planks.  These do not have to be done at your practice.