NJIC Divisional Championships

October 10th at Garret Mountain


It was a great day for the program at EVERY level. I am so proud of each of you. We still have a lot of season to go and many more things to accomplish! But for now – let’s take a deep breath and enjoy this day.

Varsity Boys –  Team championship! Danny, Sebastian, “Bad” Mo, and Younes with Top 10 medals. Top 4 with times in 17’s and our 5th man only seconds away! Wow!

Varsity Girls: Haley and Carm with top 10 medals and times in the 22’s! Fantastic running by both!

JV Boys: Harry and Zarrar with Top 5 medals (Both in the 19’s)

Freshman boys: Josh and Lohi with Top 10 medals. AND- if that division was scored, the freshman would have been in 2nd place (I made a mistake earlier and said first, but I did nt see the Leonia 5th runner -sorry). Still – this squad has been in the top of scoring in every meet that have run as freshman. So much to look forward to!


Meet result Link:  NJIC Results


Star Ledger Story: https://www.nj.com/highschoolsports/2019/10/armstrong-szambel-shevlin-rice-all-win-at-njil-boys-girls-cross-country-championships.html