The Annual Golden Shirt Award has developed some history since its inception back in 2012. I was instituted as an extra incentive to work over the summer training period. As we all know, putting miles in during July and August can be a taunting task., and we wanted to give something special to those who managed to get that little bit of extra work in. We don’t want you running to win a T shirt. What we want is for you to try and stick with your daily run plan and be as consistent as you can. The award is to honor those who can do this. In no way is it a reflection upon those who cant because of work, family obligations, injury, or new to the sport. This is just something extra for those who can and want to try. Winners are determined by the coaching staff. Consistency over the entire summer and attendance at captains practices hold some weight as well. As you can see in some of the team pictures, the number of recipients is unlimited.

   *That last picture is Coach Meek wearing her Golden Shirt for a medal picture after the Livingston Invitational Meet! This will be our first time back to this meet since 2014. This year’s Golden Shirts will be presented at our first official team practice on Monday, August 21st.