This is the 5k course map of Oak Ridge Park, The site of the N2, Group 1 State Sectional Championships.

Physical address for use of Car GPS is:

136 Oak Ridge Road

Clark, NJ



The course is a 2 lap repeat and just before going to what looks like a 3rd lap, you branch off and head to the finish.

I am fairly certain this course is pancake flat. In 2009, when they made this a park – it was originally a golf course. This is gong to lead to a fast Sectional Race.  

As of now, I am keeping our scheduled bus for the 14 selected athletes (7 boys /7 girls) who will attend this meet. That practice will be Wednesday 11/14. However, the departure time may have to be 2:30pm. I was told that the school schedules may change for Wednesday’s. Another obstacle being thrown at us-  it will be Daylight Savings Time. It is going to get  dark very quickly while we are trying to learn the course.  

If any of the varsity can get your parents to drive you out there to get a run-through on your own, I would encourage it. The meet director has assured me that the entire course trail is marked. That being said, this map would be excellent. It was provided to me by the Union Catholic XC Coach. 



*Take New Jersey Turnpike Soth /I-95 S(Portions toll).

Then 0.48 miles

*Merge onto I-78 W via EXIT 14-14C toward Newark Airport/US-1/US-9/US-22/Clinton (Portions toll).

Then 1.41 miles

*Take I-78 (LOCAL) W toward Newark Airport/US-1 S/Newark/US-9 S/NJ-21/US-22  


*Merge onto Garden State Pkwy South

Then 4.91 miles

*Take EXIT 135 toward Westfield/Clark.

Then 0.09 miles

*Stay on right side of exit ramp and merge onto Central Ave/County Hwy-613 toward Westfield. Be in the left lane because you will have to turn left fairly quickly after going on Central Ave.

Then 0.35 miles

Turn left onto Raritan Rd/County Hwy-607. Continue to follow County Hwy-607.

  1. County Hwy-607 is just past School St

  2. White Diamond Diner is on the corner (left side of road where you will need to turn)

Then go for 2.64 miles

Oak Ridge Park, 136 OAK RIDGE RD is on the right.