Summer Heat and Running – A few good tips to follow

Jun 21

By: Ian Kim / Runner’s World Magazine   Walking or running through the summer doesn’t have to leave you feeling wilted. Here’s everything you need to know. Because of the heat and humidity, most people wouldn’t pick summer as their favorite season for outdoor exercise. Spring or fall normally wins that honor. But summer does have a lot going for...

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Ovals and Trails Article #4

Jun 19

Why I Run A question i get a lot from my friends who don’t run is, why do you run? Truly I don’t know the answer to this question, maybe I do it because it feels amazing when i come back from a six mile run and still want to go out and do more and go harder after that run, maybe it’s just to stay in shape, or maybe it’s because of the...

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Ovals and Trails Article #3

Jun 17

“I remember feeling awful, but afterward I felt so accomplished” I remember going to my older brother’s cross country meets as an elementary student and never understanding why someone would put themselves through so much pain. People would walk up to me and ask: “Are you going to run cross country when you get older?” and I would always snort and tell...

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Ovals & Trails Article #2

Jun 16

“It will always be worth it in the end”   <img src=””&a Freshman year I was considering playing soccer with one of my friends but he backed out and one of my other friends told me to run xc with him. I...

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Ovals and Trails Article #1

Jun 14

  I pulled a few stories from a site called Ovals and Trails. There were some really inspirational writings from high school runners. Thought it was something worth sharing with everyone. This is the first one of 4:     To my teammates:     <img...

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5 Tips to Maximize Summer XC Training and Prevent Injury

Jun 13

  This article was in NJ Milesplit (6-13-18). Those of you who have been on the team might even get a little chuckle here because you are going to think I wrote this, but I didn’t. This is a great rundown of what to do / not do before and during your summer training. Everything in this article will be covered in our training program. So please read this and...

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REVISED-Make Plans NOW: Official Start of Season Practice Schedule !!

Jun 10

Official Team Practice Schedule to Start the 2018 SHS Cross Country Season The REVISED schedule below is the start of our official season. These dates are not optional – Everyone is expected to be there and all paperwork and physicals taken care of well in advance. Miss the team time trial or a majority of these practices without cause, and you will not be...

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