Practice / Meet Schedule for September 24th -29th

Sep 24

  Monday 9/24 – 3:15pm on track; begin 1.5mile Indian Run Tuesday 9/25 – 3:15pm on track; begin 1.5 mile Indian Run. Pay attention to any change in plans here with Captains and sign outside AD office if severe rains. Wednesday 9/26 –NJIC Tri Meet with North Arlington & New Milford. Bus leaves at 3pm Thursday 9/27 – 3:15pm on track; begin...

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Meet Results: 9-22-18 Xavier Invitational

Sep 22

XAVIER INVITATIONAL Van Cortland Park, Bronx, NY September 22, 2018     I think everyone got the taste of a very competitive field of runners at this meet. The attendance today was HUGE and so was the talent pool. This is the stuff that makes you a better and smarter runner as the season progresses. There is a lot more work needed all the way around on this squad,...

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Meet Results: 9-17-18 NJIC Week #2

Sep 17

    Boys ran a much better race as far as strategy and pacing then we did on Saturday. Congratulations on the double victory, your record stands at 4-0.  Unfortunately injuries and not having our full roster has hurt our girls tremendously at this point. We need to keep our spirits up and just work day at a time. Despite some scoring issues that we thought were...

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Meet Results: 9-15-18 Back to the Mountain

Sep 16

  We had four medal winners here: Congratulations to Austin, Brandon, Ashley, and Sebastian. JV boys placed 5th in their race!  Once again, Brandon leads this group through the race.   Back to the Mountain meet Results...

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Meet Results: 9-12-18 NJIC Week #1

Sep 12

    We have a lot to be pleased about with our results. Do we need more work and stand improvement? Yes, but plenty of reasons for the coaches to be pleased by what we saw today. A great start for the boys team with some depth slowly starting to grow. Good job by the entire front end. Improvements left and right! Girls had 2 very pleasant surprises – Yutong...

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Cross Country 101: How a meet is scored

Sep 11

How to Score a Cross Country Meet   The first five runners from each team to cross the finish line receive the points that correspond to their place. The first place runner receives one point, the second place runner two, and so on. The team receiving the lowest score wins. The sixth and seventh runners on a team, although they don’t receive a score, can also...

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Meet Results: 9-8-18 Season Opener Invitational

Sep 08

  Season Opener Invitational Darlington park Saturday, September 8th   Good meet for some of our first time runners! Everyone has to start somewhere and you now have a benchmark to work and improve from. Yutong in 26:19.7 for 35th in a field of 103 runners (JV small school) is an impressive start! Nice job by the Varsity B Boys placing 7th. Brandon Vasquez was top...

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