Make Plans NOW: Official Start of Season Practice Schedule !!

Apr 30

Official Team Practice Schedule to Start the 2018 SHS Cross Country Season The schedule below is the start of our official season. These dates are not optional – Everyone is expected to be there and all paperwork and physicals taken care of in advance....

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How about this for a great XC story – written by a HS athlete

Apr 29

WHY I LOVE CROSS COUNTRY I might only have one cross country practice left. I might also have more than a week of practice left. Either way, I don’t have that many practices left. But this has only intensified my feelings for the sport. It has made me love it even more. I complain a lot about cross country. I complain about how no one else in our school cares,...

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“King of the Hill” Champions

Mar 25

      “King of the Hill” NCAA Bracket Challenge Champions                                         Lana Kalapodakis & Nicky Sanchez            *They both win the championship trophy above and a free lunch after practice during our pre-season week !                                                   6     Stan Fryczynski 6 56 56 Johann Alo 8 54 70...

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Continuing Series – A look back in history & the present: Academics+Athletics=Success

Mar 06

Over the course of the next few months, I will be adding further successful Patriot Alumni stories – something to provide inspiration for all of our present student-athletes.   Audrey Ting (class of ’95) was a 4 year runner on the SHS cross-country, indoor & outdoor track and field teams. Not only was she an outstanding XC runner, she was also highly...

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Three Reasons You Should Always Eat After Your Workout

Feb 24

  We all know it’s a good idea to grab a snack after you go for a run—but what, exactly, happens to your body if you don’t?   Finished your morning workout but don’t have time to grab a bite before heading out the door? That could be a problem.It’s usually a good idea to eat and drink within an hour of exercising to maximize those recovery benefits and regain...

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Cross-Country Quiz

Feb 13

  1. In kilometers, what is the usual distance for a U.S. HS cross country race ?     2. What is Cross Country? (answers can vary a bit)     3. Which of these were considered to be the best to eat the night before a race? Fats Proteins Sugars Carbohydrates   4. Which of these is considered the best thing to eat for dinner the night before you run? Steak Salad...

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Here are 5 ways to promote and recruit runners for the cross country team

Feb 10

  #1) In Cross Country, everyone gets to participate, even if they are only running in jv or freshman races. Most other sports have cuts.   #2) Cross Country practices typically will not last as long as basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, or football.  You do your stretching, work out, warm down – HEAD HOME by 5:00pm   #3 )It will help athletes get in...

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