A letter from a former runner – author is anynomous

Sep 05

  Dear cross country runner, You run a lot. Good for you. I really do mean that. I used to be in your shoes. Although my cross country running days are a thing of the past, I’m reminded of it almost every day. I made some of my best friends in cross country, and as a runner, I’m sure you understand why. Before you hang up your running shoes and hibernate until...

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Congratulations Zarrar Nawaz

Aug 24

Just a small gift of various SFD patches to one our own  – Zarrar Nawaz. This summer, Zarrar attended the Fire Academy so he could become trained as a future member of the Secaucus Volunteer Fire Department. Congratulations and thank you for your service.

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The 2020 Golden Shirt Winners are…..

Aug 22

    2020 Golden Shirt Recipients  BOYS *Nick Munoz – 131.4 ***Krushay Bhavsar – 123.5 Adrian Delos Santos – 122.2 **Roger Pragados – 120.9 Vishwa Naik – 116.5 Younes Abada – 115.2 Joshua Unsay – 113.5 Maksim Abramovich – 104 Lohi Senkesi – 103.5 Arman Budhrani – 95.5   GIRLS *Carmelina...

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Summer Heat And Training

Jul 25

    Tips for Running in the Heat *Always have your phone in case of emergency 1. Make adjustments: Don’t do long or higher-intensity workouts during middle of the day. That is when the heat is the most intense. As a general rule, start your workout slower than you usually do. If you’re feeling good halfway through, it’s okay to speed up a little bit....

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Important: Tech Support for Runkeeper App

Jul 21

If you are having problems with the Runkeeper App on your phone, our former Assistant Coach Kathy is doing us all great favor and will help any of you out. Please don’t get discouraged. send her an e mail at:  kathy.vonrock@gmail.com

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New team members: Learn the home 5k practice course

Jul 19

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Hydration is an important part of each day

Jul 06

Athletes must begin practices and training activities adequately hydrated. HYDRATION Staying hydrated during your training * As a runner, you will need approximately 12-14 cups (96- 112 oz) or more water a day, and more on hot days. * If urination is clear, you are hydrated, perhaps overly-so. A lightly yellow color is typically ideal. * Keep a water bottle with you...

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