This was a very competitive course and the competition was extremely good. I think we fared quite well. Meets like this make us a better team when we go up against schools in our division and group. Everyone stick with it and we will get better with every step. No negatives here – we did as well as we could today. Congratulations to our medal winners – Victoria, Kirsten, and Grace!

Parlatore Invitational – Clove Lakes Park (5k / 1.5 courses) on Sunday, 9-10-17

Varsity Boys: Mo- 18:54, Adam-19:10; Oscar-19:38, Ming-1938; Ali-20:36; Sebastian-20:43; Rohan-22:05

Varsity Girls: Alex-26:24; Saumya-27:05; Abby-27:33; Ashley-27:35; Trinity-28:10; Olivia-29:32

Freshman Boys: Vishwa-9:30; Zarrar-11:23

Freshman Girls: Grace-11:45; Lana-14:11

JV Boys: Austin-22:24; Karem-22:46; Johan-23:20; Nicky-23:29; Luis-24:04; SiHang-24:13; Brandon-24:19; Joseph-24:45; Kevin-26:19; Lammi-26:44; Thomas-38:07; Ethan-44:12

JV Girls: Victoria 26:25; Kirsten 27:17; Meghan-29:37; Dina-29:43; Hiya-29:54; Vanessa-30:41; Harvey-30:48; Carina-31:04; Sofia-36:53; Madi-43:33 (6k)